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Parking Ticket Issuers / Traffic Wardens

Parking Tickets - How the National Clamps Service Works

Parking tickets are an effective deterrent to illegal parked vehicles causing obstructions on private land, especially where persistent misuse by drivers occurs. Illegal parking can create problems for emergency vehicles, be a dangerous obstruction for pedestrians and can have even more serious consequences for disabled parking spaces users.

National Clamps Parking Charge Notice service works in the following way:

1. The vehicle is determined as an offender by the Ticket Issuer. The parking ticket is filled in and issued. At this point the ticket issuer will contact National Clamps headquarters to create a new entry on the 'cloud' based system.

2. At this point, you have fourteen days to pay online via the web site with a credit or debit card. The owner/driver can also pay the parking ticket by cheque up to the 14th day after the date of issue (DOI) of the ticket.

Go directly to our Parking Charge Notice payment website >>

National Clamps: Parking Ticket Issuer - Example Parking Ticket

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