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Wheel Clamp Manufacturers

National Clamps are more than just a wheel clamping company. The National Clamps team of wheel clampers found the use of more traditional wheel clamps to be of lesser endurance in a professional market, therefore we felt the need too design, test and finally manufacture a more practical and substantial wheel clamping device for today's professional clamping environment. The wheel clamp, now British type approved is renowned world wide for its durability. Ironically the wheel clamps are manufactured to Home Office Standards by 'Guests' of Her Majesty at HM Prison Wymott!

Wheel Clamp Patent & Copyrights

Patented to protect its design.
British Home Office type approved.

1. A vehicle which has had its wheel clamped, is asked to drive regardless of damage backwards and forwards.

2. The vehicle is now inspected to ensure it is not a danger to any members of the public. Mechanics now have 30 minutes to remove the wheel clamp using a 4 ft pinch bar, hacksaw, trolley jack, hammer, chisels. Construction of the wheel clamp is now scrutinised to ensure conformity and reliability.


Trev on TV - talking about the National Clamps Patented Clamp
Trev on TV

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