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We are UKAS ISO9001

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ANPR Ltd. was granted UKAS: ISO 9001 status and The British Parking Association Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) whilst National Clamps passed its third year audit of the Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme
The Chairman would like to assure all clients; that every sign erector, Wheel clamper, ticket issuer, members of the office staff which includes the telephone operator's and the computer programmers have been Screened and Vetted to BS7858
Our Franchises operate all over England & Wales. Our team of wheel clampers apply approximately 1,000 wheel clamps per month; and a further 500 Parking Charge Notices are issued by our 'Wheel Clampers' whilst in training. We currently have 22 vehicles fitted with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and are in the process of developing Cash-less Pay & Display systems.


The long awaited
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) service offered by National Clamps has finally arrived.
"Pay & Display Dies"
You heard it here first!

The National Clamps Wheel Clamp

The National Clamps team of wheel clampers found the use of more traditional wheel clamps to be of lesser endurance in a professional market, therefore we felt the need too design, test and finally manufacture a more practical and substantial wheel clamping device for today's professional environment. The wheel clamp, now British type approved is renowned world wide for its durability. Ironically, The Wheel clamps are manufactured to Home Office Standards by Guests of Her Majesty at HM Prison Wymot!

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Parking Enforcement with National Clamps

Wheel Clampers and Wheel Clamping Services At National Clamps

National Clamps are more than just a wheel clamping company. We provide several services that enable the correct use of parking areas by tried and tested parking enforcement methods! Which have proven to be almost 100% effective in solving illegal parking problems. Established in 1989, we have two decades experience in wheel clamping, parking enforcement and car park management, we deal with all types of organisations, providing wheel clampers and wheel clamping services to a wide array of clients - from a business with a single car park to servicing the parking enforcement & wheel clamping needs of a multi-storey retailer including housing associations and Council estates. Many Pay & Display car parks are under our control (private and Council owned) and even two of the most well known Universities in the UK enjoy our car park management and wheel clamping services.

At National Clamps we understand that using the threat of wheel clampers, wheel clamping, parking enforcement or CCTV monitoring represents a massive deterrent and we will provide you with excellent car park management and certified wheel clampers in days, at an yearly cost of only £30 (+ VAT) per sign. However if necessary as a last resort, our licensed Staff (who are vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau) are able to employ their training in Conflict Management and their qualifications in Vehicle Immobilisation all of which is delivered at our Edexel approved training facilities at Head office, Preston.

All of our 850 clients have multiple sites in over 365 towns & cities throughout the UK. They are given a level of attention and professionalism unrivalled within the wheel clamping & parking enforcement industry, regardless of size or distance. Some of the main services that we at National Clamps offer include:

  • Wheel clamps and wheel clamping services using trained clampers.
  • Parking ticket issuing & Parking enforcement.
  • Car park management - including free permits & tailor made signage.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition - ANPR.
  • Clear & highly visible car park management signs / wheel clampers Signage / wheel clamping signs.
  • Car park management courses, parking enforcement courses, wheel clamping courses & conflict management training.
  • The release fee from a National Clamps wheel clamp is £80 and we rarely tow away.

Not only does the National Clamps™ carry a tremendous reputation from those who are professionally in 'The Knowledge' but our Home Office type approved wheel clamp is also described as probably the best in the world. National Clamps is an ACS Approved Contractor for the provision of vehicle immobilisation services. Our sister Company ANPR Ltd. (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and the newly released VPScript™ maintain those very same values that sets us apart from other wheel clampers & car park management firms. Honour, trust, reliability, punctuality and a value for money service, which is currently being taught to every recruit that comes through our OCNW approved training centre, which now boasts a fresh and innovative level 2 courses on Vehicle Immobilisation, Conflict Management, 'The ticket issuer', 'The ANPR Operator', 'The Tow Truck Driver', 'The Valet and The Concierge', 'The Parking Administrator'. With two in house trainers it proves that we are sincere and integrative when we proclaim that 'We care'.

National Clamps NEWS:

2012-05-21 08:18:10
Correspondence between: The Security Industry Authority (SIA) and Trevor Whitehouse

The fact that Seven of my 'Front Line' staff have licence's that will expire between June and the proposed ban on vehicle immobilisation has presented the SIA and my company with a massive headache.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to renew our ACS status hoping that this will provide an amicable and reasonable solution to the problem of unlicensed staff carrying out licensable activities during this period of limbo. I implore that we apply the same special dispensation which is usually bestowed upon an ACS member whilst an application for a license is pending.

2012-05-10 16:15:22
Following months of paper trails, filling, chasing up reports etc. ANPR Ltd (Our ticket issuing side) Was granted UKAS: ISO 9001 Status and The British Parking Association approved Operator Scheme (AOS) Whilst National Clamps passed its third year Audit.

2012-05-02 16:06:27
When a Bill has completed all its parliamentary stages in both Houses, it must have Royal Assent before it can become an Act of Parliament (law). Royal Assent is the Monarch's agreement to make the Bill into an Act and is a formality. There is no set time period between the consideration of amendments to the Bill and Royal Assent it can even be a matter of minutes after Ping Pong is complete.

2012-04-15 23:06:59
Its the horrific cost's attached to the towing away and storage that constitutes theft and attracts a media frenzy.

2012-04-15 23:00:57
The long awaited legal precedents following the arrests, prosecutions and respective Jail sentences have cleaned up the industry far faster than any government. The consequences are now indefensible and the cowboys have rode off into the sunset, leaving behind those who want to provide as service setting aside profits.

2012-04-15 21:22:41
Civilly / Legally and with blessing of the BPA, the AA and the media we can charge up to 125 per clamp. But like many other respectful companies National Clamps only charge 80

2012-04-14 14:16:27
We are 18 months down the line from the Lynne Featherstone outburst.

I have fought the proposal all the way... I've lobbied MPs, formed pressure groups, set up an e' petition, organised Westminster protests, placed 10,000 worth of ads in Political Magazines and thrown 30,000 at a Judicial Review and the decision is now in the balance with 6 in10 MPs wanting the ban, therefore: I can do no more!

National Clamps will be OK. We are currently negotiating clamping contracts with Councils using 'Bye-laws', therefore gaining lawful authority to clamp. For everyone else its tickets, mayhem or Bailiffs.

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